Friday, November 24th Q&A Stream Summary

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    • Friday, November 24th Q&A Stream Summary

      Conan Exiles @ Steam schrieb:

      Hey all! I've written the highlights and important notes that were made in the Q&A stream. I realize there are some people who may not have the time to watch it (live or later) or may be hearing-impaired and are unable to watch since the video doesn't have subtitles. I'd like to do this for future Conan Exile streams. Otherwise, feel free to see it all here.

      We answer all kinds of questions from chat though so please do watch it live when possible! Stream was hosted by community manager Jens Erik Vaaler, creative director Joel Bylos, and special guest Lead Designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle.

      Stream Notes
      • Display racks are coming! You can place weapons and shields onto displays placed on the wall. The display can also be used as storage, but will always display the weapon/shield placed in the first slot.
      • Weapon mod kit: You can modify weapons and armor using certain kits. These include decreasing weight, increasing durability, increasing damage, and so on!
      • More information on warpaints coming in the community letter soon.
      • Once we're done with the polish phase, mounts will be the next big thing on the list. Then sorcery, and so on. We're currently fixing bugs and tweaking features in the game.
      • The sickle is on the developer branch. It specializes in harvesting plant fiber from bushes.
      • You won't be able to run with a torch. But Joel mentioned you will be running, "with a lighted object on your body".
      • Harvesting tools will have different tiers: Steel Sickle, Hardened Sickle, and Star Metal Sickle.
      • More traps are coming in.
      • We would like to add in a spyglass, but due to technical limitations (dynamic space loading) we are unable to right now.
      • Chat system changes are also coming in that are currently in the development build.
      • Weapon masters have come in for mocap references. There are people in the Oslo office who participate in martial arts! But we look at all sorts of fighting styles.
      • Blunt arrows for knocking out thralls from afar are planned.
      • Crops and farming is on the "would like to do" list.
      • Snow and rain instead your house will be fixed along with the new weather system.
      • Knocking out friends isn't high on the priority list.
      • Camels can be spawned if you're an admin.
      • A storyline is being written that includes Conan himself.
      • The "cry for help" implementation will cause AI to call for others when you spot you. Not when you hit them.

      • You will have a light attack button and heavy attack button which will involve combo chains.
      • These will look different and have different shapes and timings as well as apply status effects to them.
      • Mix and match light/heavy attacks
      • Every weapon has its own chain. Even weapons of the same type will have different chains.
      • Animation updates will be a part of the combat system.
      • Comboskipping is possible, but may not be a smart strategy in some instances.
      • Bows are included in this animation change. An accuracy component is being added so you'll have more control of where the arrow goes.
      • Body part targeting will also be implemented.
      • Kicking and bare hand combat is planned.
      • Core mechanics should be completed by the end of the year internally. Internal testing and tweaking will then need to be completed. So currently this new combat is set for Q1, 2018.
      • Two handed swords are on the list to complete. Whips will not be in the game before launch.
      • No plans to make you run with weapons. But there are plans to make jumping attacks and dodging attacks (dodging forward). If you're chasing someone, you can stun or cripple them to stop them from running.