Dark and Light 11/28 Update - Patch Notes

    • Dark and Light 11/28 Update - Patch Notes

      Dark & Light @ Steam schrieb:

      Greetings Adventurers! We’re planning on rolling out a small patch for Dark and Light on Tuesday, 11/28 at 1:00AM~ PST. Remember to log out before the update hits to reduce the risk of data loss.

      Patch Notes

      General Updates
      • Reduced the number of hostile creatures around Talos, Ironfast, and Estel.

        - We’ve received a number of reports since our last patch on the excessive number of Deathstalker spawns near starting cities. We’ve made some changes to our spawning system in these areas that should reduce the number of hostile creatures in these areas overall. Additionally, we’re looking into the state of hostile creature strength vs. new players for further tuning in future patches.

      • Improved Centaur Chieftain loot

        - Centaur Chieftains now drop full items instead of Schemas. Since the addition of loot drops for high-level / boss creatures, we’ve noticed that it’s not very satisfying to have to kill a boss to be rewarded with a Schema with high crafting requirements, which just results in more farming. In future patches, we’re going to be adjusting the loot tables for other high-level creatures to have them drop full items instead of Schemas, and continuing to adjust the system based on player feedback.

      • Infernus Dragon model has been updated.
      • Removed all Gobboween skins from items and creatures.
      • Meteorites now have a small chance to drop Undead Dragon and Jack-O-
      • Lantern Goblin skins. These skins can be equipped to their respective tamed creatures to alter their appearance.

      • Wheat Field Adjustments:

        - A new, dangerous creature now lurks in the Wheat FIeld, making gathering there a little bit more of a challenge.
        - Optimized the way that wheat is destroyed in the field to improve performance.

      • Turkey Egg decay time increased from 10 minutes > 100 minutes while stored inside of a Turkey.
      • Added additional animations to the Searing Edge axe.
      • Re-added additional language packs. Some of these language packs are incomplete and localization is ongoing. If you’re interested in assisting with localization efforts for your native language, please visit our Crowdin at https://crowdin.com/project/dark-and-light-localization.
      Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where the items required to revive a Turkey were inaccurate.
      • Fixed a crash related to single player mode.
      • Fixed a bug where the game would crash near Talos, Estel, or Ironfast.
      • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when returning to the main menu.
      • Fixed a bug where some stored items would disappear after a server reset.
      • Fixed a bug where Wild Unicorns would spawn at incorrect levels.
      • Fixed a bug where the Hot Springs would randomly not provide any healing effect for players or creatures.
      • Corrected temperature values for The Scalding Abyss - it should be somewhat hotter now.
      • Fixed a bug where Goblins would deal multiple instances of damage with a single attack.
      • Fixed an issue where player / creature attacks would deal damage multiple times in a single attack.
      • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to use Runes of Warmth or Chilling on a mount.
      • Fixed a bug where players could use an evasive roll while swimming.
      • Fixed a bug where Wind Elemental models would render incorrectly.
      • Fixed a bug where some creature attacks weren’t dealing any damage.
      • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to gather from Orthrus or Bel’Xahl corpses.
      • Fixed a bug where some herbivorous creatures weren’t taming even when provided with the proper Herbivore Feed.
      • Fixed a bug on Chaos Servers where billboards weren’t displaying Server House Rankings.
      • Removed floating gathering nodes in Blackice Peaks.
      • Fixed a bug where players would be forced out of the Ice Cave randomly.
      • Fixed a bug where small creatures would get players stuck on world geometry.
      • Fixed a bug where it would rain inside of The Scalding Abyss.
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